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SEARCH LIGHTS » Search Light / Dragon Light

Search Light / Dragon Light

Brite Lite-II is single piece construction made of superTough glass filled minimum 2 mm thickness.

Technical Data:

Search Ligh

  1. 160mm dia x 250 mm length fitted with specially designed deep parabola reflector having 50/55 watt, 12 volts halogen lamp, 12 volts & 7AH rechargeable maintenance free battery.

  2. Micro controller based HHSL

  3. Suitable for 55W Halogen Lamp

  4. Operating range of about 1000 mt.(i.e. 1km)

  5. Beam distance of 350 mt. (minimum) so as to detect group of persons.

  6. Shock resistance front glass. + SMPS inbuilt charger working on from 90v to 270v.

  7. Membrane switches (Gold plated tracks with minimum life of 1 million operations) back lit with distinct color LED.

Special Features:-